martha’s new multi-surface paint makes DIY event crafts a breeze

27 Oct

Leave it to Martha to FINALLY come out with a paint that can be used on multiple surfaces. Glass, wood, plastic, cloth… you name it can be painted on.

Not only can it go on any surface but it comes in TONS of colors with different finishes — satin, gloss, pearl, glitter, metallic, glow in the dark, and of course chalkboard. Check out all of the colors here on Micheal’s website!

So I had some fun with Martha’s paint with some paint tape and an old vase that needed spruced up. Actually my sister and I found a box of random things on the side of the road in the Outer Banks, and this empty vase was one of them. This could be great for all types of events for centerpieces. With so many colors, the paint line is bound to have a color that matches your theme. With paint tape, stencils and some creative ideas, the options are endless with what this paint can do. I chose to make a vase to hold flowers in for around the house.

I learned a few things on my first go, so I’ll be ready to rock next time around.

Here are a few other craft ideas to use with this new paint line! Great for DIY accents at a wedding!

I can’t wait to play with this paint more. Did you see the chalkboard paint came in a few different colors? I’m sure that trend is going to blow up on Pinterest soon! Love the green and blue.

Mugs are great for favors at holiday parties and weddings… just to keep in mind!

Do you love crafts but just don’t have time for them with the rest of your planning to-do list? lemon and lime event design can help! we can help brainstorm ideas then execute them for you. contact us at!

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