non-traditional food options for a traditional holiday!

15 Nov

There are only 9 days until Thanksgiving, are you ready?!?! If you’re anything like my family the preparations for a holiday feast begin long before the day of. Which leads me to wonder, how am I not ready yet?! I will be spending Thanksgiving Day with my in-laws and have volunteered to bring a dish of some kind – appetizer, side, dessert…anything — but I have no idea what to make! I love cooking and I love sharing my dishes with others even more so I’m excited to do this but I’m drawing a blank. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be the host for the holidays and in charge of getting all of this together, but then again…that is kind of what we do here at lemon & lime!

In the last day or so I started to brainstorm some different foods you wouldn’t normally see next to the Thanksgiving turkey and would like to share them with you, what do you think?! I may or may not end up using one of these as my dish so I’ll keep you all posted!

Mozzarella Balls (appetizer) – My mouth is watering just thinking about these fried pieces of deliciousness. Though I’ve never made them before I figure it’s worth a try!

Avocado Fries and Cilantro Dipping Sauce (appetizer) – You can do so many things with an avocado but I’ve never seen this before.

Chocolate/Peanut Butter Covered Bananas (dessert) – This combination is FANTASTIC! And I love bite sized desserts especially if there are dessert options…leaves room to sample everything!

Rice Krispie Turkeys (sweet appetizer or dessert) – How cute are these?! I probably wouldn’t waste my time with the sticks though.

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