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newspaper heart jars… perfect for valentines day

11 Feb

I found these heart candle jars on the I love this… blog! Too cute and simple. You could also fill with candy hearts or other small treats to give on valentines day!

These could also be used for table decor at weddings or even for the favor!

i wish my valentines day party looked like this…

9 Feb

Party Inspirations posted these photos the other day and I just had to share them. How adorable! Perfect for valentine’s day, a wedding shower, baby shower or even little girls birthday party. I want to print out the pictures and hang them on my wall :)

weekly squeeze: low cal peanut butter chocolate cheesecake cups

8 Feb

I’ve loved Splenda for a long time, mainly just for my coffee. Now they make it with vitamins and you can cook with it too! Amazing. They send out a bi-weekly newsletter with recipes that I highly recommend. Here is a recipe for peanut butter cheesecake cups.. which is pretty much my heaven. Check out the full recipe here! 

Put a cute little red m&m or a candy heart on top and you have a low-cal valentines day treat!

is it a hershey kiss? a cookie? a cupcake?

8 Feb

Looks like a hershey kiss right?

A nice giant piece of chocolate…. (pretend you didn’t see the cupcake text up there).

It’s a cupcake! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! Check out the recipe via tomkat studio! 

wedding jo jo wedding websites…. too cute

8 Feb

There are many options out there for wedding websites…but these from wedding jo jo are too cute. I love the various themes you can choose from, and parts of the site are free, but if you want everything, it’s only $14.99 a month.. not bad!

Let’s face it, the world runs online and on smart phones. While invitations are still a huge part of weddings (thankfully!! we love them), sometimes they accidentally get left at home. Wedding websites are the perfect solution for guests who need a quick refresher on times, location and addresses. They can pull up your site on their computer, iPhone or iPad to make sure they are where they need to be and when :)

Plus it’s a great place for family friends or dates of your guests to get to know you a little. The people who have known you since day one will love it too.

diy princess crowns…

6 Feb

I found the cutest DIY princess crowns on the Joyfolie Blog. They would be perfect for a little girls birthday! I also think they would be cute for a bachlorette party… a different spin on a boa’s, tee shirt, etc.

They don’t seem hard to make either! Check out the step-by-step directions here!

cute valentines for the kiddos

3 Feb

Here are some adorable ideas for valentines for your kids to bring to their classroom. I think they are cute for any age though! :)

music video of your wedding? love this rendition of “home” by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

2 Feb

Leave it to style me pretty to find the cutest video! A nice twist to the average wedding video that would definitely be fun to watch each year on your anniversary (and honestly more like once a month). You could even burn a copy of the dvd and send it as a thank you to each of your guests. What a fun keepsake!

The song is perfect and I’ll probably be whistling it all day now (oxford and jim the dogs are staring at me like really? this is the 10th time we’ve heard this today). One tree photography is so talented!

lovely looking oreos!

31 Jan

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

Sweet temptations bakery had the idea to coat Oreo’s in chocolate then elaborately decorate the front of the cookie. Love it! You can customize your cookies and they make the perfect favors for baby showers, weddings and birthday parties. You can order a dozen cookies for $19 + shipping.

Check out ALL of the options below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

perfect outdoor decor…dreamlights from urban outfitters

30 Jan

An Urban Outfitters opened up a mile from my house and I just visited it last week. I found the coolest little gadget there.. a dreamlight.

The Dreamlight gently winks and blinks as you fall asleep to happy memories of glowing fireflies, warm summer nights and lazy vacation days. It works through solar power, containing 6 LED’s which pulse on and off to create a light effect. Place in full sun during the day – the rechargeable battery soaks in the rays – and enjoy the illumination when darkness falls!

* Glass, metal, electronic components
* Wipe clean
* Includes rechargeable battery
* 4″ diameter, 5.75″h

These would look awesome on a patio or a walkway or hanging from a tree for an event (they are not recommended to stay outside) Best part? you don’t have to worry about candles. I actually love the look they have.. just like lighting bugs! Great for all sorts of outdoor events.


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