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newspaper heart jars… perfect for valentines day

11 Feb

I found these heart candle jars on the I love this… blog! Too cute and simple. You could also fill with candy hearts or other small treats to give on valentines day!

These could also be used for table decor at weddings or even for the favor!

sweet valentine’s day party table

10 Feb

How sweet is this Valentine’s Day party table?! The team at Project Nursery did a great job. I love that some of the items are so easy to make…I never would’ve thought it could be as simple has carving a small heart into an apple. The table is both fun AND healthy!!

i wish my valentines day party looked like this…

9 Feb

Party Inspirations posted these photos the other day and I just had to share them. How adorable! Perfect for valentine’s day, a wedding shower, baby shower or even little girls birthday party. I want to print out the pictures and hang them on my wall :)

what’s your alter style?

7 Feb

Whether you’re getting married in a church, outside, a hotel, or a barn…everybody’s got a different alter style. The location of your vows doesn’t have to be the fanciest of fancy, but it definitely shouldn’t be an eye sore! After all, it’s a wedding day and the alter will be in a MILLION pictures. Plus, you don’t want your guests looking at something ugly.

I love the ideas below and am looking forward to creating some beautiful settings for our brides!

perfect outdoor decor…dreamlights from urban outfitters

30 Jan

An Urban Outfitters opened up a mile from my house and I just visited it last week. I found the coolest little gadget there.. a dreamlight.

The Dreamlight gently winks and blinks as you fall asleep to happy memories of glowing fireflies, warm summer nights and lazy vacation days. It works through solar power, containing 6 LED’s which pulse on and off to create a light effect. Place in full sun during the day – the rechargeable battery soaks in the rays – and enjoy the illumination when darkness falls!

* Glass, metal, electronic components
* Wipe clean
* Includes rechargeable battery
* 4″ diameter, 5.75″h

These would look awesome on a patio or a walkway or hanging from a tree for an event (they are not recommended to stay outside) Best part? you don’t have to worry about candles. I actually love the look they have.. just like lighting bugs! Great for all sorts of outdoor events.

alternative guest book options: sign plates

19 Jan

The days of the guest book are on their way out. Nowadays everyone wants a creative and fun way to capture messages from guests not only at weddings, but at all sorts of celebrations.

I loved this idea to purchase plates to have your guests sign with pens in colors that match. Gold plates are below, but this idea could match your wedding colors or even a room already in your home. You could have as little as one large plate to display with a stand on a mantle or several plates to mount on the wall. These would be a great conversation piece for a hallway!

Do you have any creative guest book alternatives? We’d love to hear.

martha expands her line at Staples!

18 Jan

There is another reason to love Martha even more (if we think that could be possible?). She has a new line of home and office products now available at Staples! It’s no shock that if your life is organized, than it runs better.. so Martha always reminds us of that with her new product launches.

As event planners, we’ll definitely be checking out this new line and can’t wait to brighten up our organization skills! Much of the line would work as all sorts of event decor too, we’re excited to get creative!

Thanks Martha!

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. unveiled a partnership with the Framingham office supply chain Staples Inc. and manufacturer Avery Dennison Corp. to launch a line of home-office products. The collection, known as the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery, will arrive in stores and on with more than 300 products, including binders, notebooks, desktop organizers, and labeling systems.

a few more twenty twelve party ideas

29 Dec

shine at your new year’s eve party

27 Dec

Are you over the crazy party scene for New Year’s Eve? Throw an awesome bash at your house without having to deal with a cover charge and long lines for the bathroom.

Use a sparkly tablecloth, like the one below,  to give the table a glamourous look. If you can’t find a tablecloth like this then go to the fabric store, find the cloth you like best, and have it cut to fit your table. You’ll instantly have a custom tablecloth!

Charger plates also add a nice tough to the standard place setting. I found the ones below at World Market but there is also a great selection at Party City.

Fun small bites are all the rage right now for hor d’oeuvres.  Instead of putting them on trays for people to pick-up, try using tasting spoons or these mini tumblers (great for veggies and dip!).

last minute decorating tip #3: ham pea wreath (my favorite!)

23 Dec

In case you didn’t know, Christmas is in two days. If you still need to spruce up a section of your house, I have a great idea that only requires Hurst Ham Peas, a styrofoam wreath and tacky glue!

It’s been warm all around the country, so go outside, or in your garage. If you want to watch a holiday movie inside, all you need is a large box! Simply coat the styrofoam wreath in glue and “pat” the Ham Peas on top. It doesn’t get much easier! It takes about 20 minutes for the glue to harden, so you can spin the wreath a few times to finish each section. If you’re hanging on a wall, you only need to do one side.

I used a bright red and white ribbon for my wreath and it really added a fun holiday flare. The BEST thing about this wreath? You can change the ribbon for each holiday! Pink for Easter, Shamrocks for St. Patty’s day, etc.

I’ve had this hanging in my house for a few weeks now and EVERYONE comments on it! It’s fun and creative and my favorite DIY wreath idea!


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